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Natural Disaster & Peacebuilding in Post-War Nepal: Can Recovery Further Reconciliation?

In the Denver Dialogues, Prof Timothy Sisk of University of Denver, and Subindra Bogati of NPI discuss natural disaster and peacebuilding in post-war Nepal.

Rebuilding Nepal; the next steps

In the wake of Nepal’s recent earthquake, Subindra Bogati and Katie Wand, of the Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative have visited a number of districts in Nepal to distribute relief packages to the survivors of the disaster. Here, they report on their experiences for Insight on Conflict.

Reducing Youth Violence

Though violent incidents, including shootings, killings, abductions, intimidation and extortion, have become common in the post-Comprehensive Peace Agreement period, in recent times, it was the killing of ‘Chari’, a notorious gangster, in Kathmandu by the police that led the media and opinionmakers to extensively discuss organised crime and the political protection accorded to such ‘dons’.