NPI Summer School on Transitional Justice


NPI Summer School on Transitional Justice

24 – 31 August 2020

In a decade long civil war in Nepal, more than 13,000 people were killed, another 78,000 were displaced and 1,300 people are still missing. Fourteen years after the end of the civil war, Nepal is still struggling to rebuild a just and peaceful society. Though the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between the warring parties in November 2006 mandated to accomplish the issues surrounding war-era human rights abuses within 6 months, the Government of Nepal took 8 long years just to establish the two transitional justice bodies. These resolutions, however, are often affected by delays and political interferences. What lessons can be drawn from the case of Nepal?

“The NPI Summer School on Transitional Justice” is a platform for critical, comprehensive and in-depth engagement with the theoretical and practical applications of the different measures and practices of transitional justice in the Nepali society today. The Summer School will engage with critical questions, such as: What is Transitional Justice? How does the vision of the State and the visions of the Nepali communities suffering from injustices complement, contest and transform the ideas of transitional justice? What role do civil society organisations play in the processes of post-conflict peace and justice?

The School will be led by a panel of national and international experts with experiences of both theoretical and empirical research in areas related to transitional justice.

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Course Details

Date: 24-31 August 2020 (2 hours a day, 2:30 - 4:30 PM)

Location: Online

Language of Instruction: Nepali (The participants should be able to comprehend reading materials and lectures in English)

Trainers: Reputed Nepali and international experts, academics and practitioners

Course Fee: Rs. 5,000

Seats Available: Participation is limited to 20, based on a competitive selection process, and is gender balanced. Full attendance is required.

Certificate: Provided upon successful completion of the course

*Limited Number of Scholarships Available*

How to Apply?

Send email application to with CV and Motivation Letter, no later than 20 August 2020. If you need a scholarship, please state your intentions on the motivation letter.


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